Who is Britney spears,biography and career beginnings

Who is Britney spears,biography and career beginnings.

Early life.

Britney Jean spears popularly known as Britney Spears was born on December 2nd, 1982 in McComb Mississippi in the united states of America, she was raised in Kentwood a rural area in Louisiana by her parents Jamie and Lynne Spears. She is the second of their three children, At a tender age, Britney developed a keen interest in arts and dance she was particularly very active in gymnastics where she went ahead and won multiple competitions and despite, all this Britney was devoted to singing, and from a tender age. She adored stars like Madonna and always wanted to be like her. Jamie and Lynne always supported their daughter, and at the young age of eight she auditioned to be part of the cast in The all-new mickey mouse club,However she was too young, and she didn’t fit in any role, on the contrary, she moved to New York alongside her mother and baby sister where she featured in a couple of television commercials.
A couple of years later she auditioned for the mickey mouse show again and was picked alongside popular musicians Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguleira, the show was later canceled and Britney went back home

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Career Beginnings.

Britney Spears hunger for stardom could not keep her at home she went back to New York this time with the aim of becoming a musician, and sent tapes to several recording studios with the aim of getting signed to a music label and was often turned down,However she was accepted by jive records who propelled her to stardom.
In 1998 she released her debut single after vocal training by Eric Forster which became an instant hit all around the world, her debut album was released early the following year and took top position in worldwide chats leading to her first worldwide tour alongside one of the most popular boy band then.
Her second album was released in early 2000 taking top positions in the global pop chats going ahead to earn her first Grammy nomination.

2001 was a good year for the young pop princess as she landed a good deal with Pepsi and she became their brand ambassador, she had also begun to date Justin Timberlake. However, their relationship ended very publicly making her take a break for a while.
She got back into the business and started making strides again releasing multiple hits such as Toxic which went ahead and gave her her first Grammy ,In 2004 she got married to Jackson Alexander a friend from her childhood which only lasted for 55 hours earning a lot of criticism, with most people terming it as the joke of the century,
In 2005 she married her backup dancer Kevin federline and a couple of months later she announced that she was pregnant on their show and that she had chosen to be a caring and loving mother and wife and they were later blessed with a baby boy, despite o all the controversy and sideshows she has managed to stay relevant for many years . visa for Bahrain